Hi everyone, I’m Shorouk. I live in Cairo, Egypt. I am a Business Informatics graduate. I am not a professional stylist but fashion is my passion, I am just a girl who loves to put outfits together, it is my kind of art. Fashion is one of the art forms that you live your life in. Not everyone likes poetry, not everyone likes looking at paintings, but fashion is one of the art forms which everyone in the world takes part of. It represents our inner psyche, it reestablishes our status in society. It serves as language, a non-verbal communication, which is the only way in which a culture’s beliefs, mores, customs etc are passed on to other generations. Our choice of clothes represent inner desires and emotions which we want to show or hide, too. Fashion is everywhere, and everyone is part of it, but it is as diverse as every being’s DNA. I don’t know if I’ll pursue a career in fashion, maybe some day I will but right now I am just doing something that makes me happy.

The featured image is an illustration by Ronrong DeVoe.